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The Speed of Natural Healing

Does the speed of natural healing ever feel too slow for you?

When you are feeling bad, you want to feel good and now! It’s a reasonable desire isn’t it?

If you are as committed to natural healing as I am, it can be quite a shock to discover that natural healing has a speed of its own. It can be amazingly slow or amazingly fast. It just depends upon how many beliefs and emotions are in the way of an immediate response.

In my recent counseling sessions with clients the topic of subtleties in healing has been coming up, so I thought I’d share some insights that could help you in your own healing.

Many natural approaches align with the rhythms of your body, mind and emotions. So just as you are evolving spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally over time, their effects mirror your evolution and therefore, progress can appear to be quite subtle.

As an energy healer, I know sometimes changes are so subtle that if I’m not paying attention, I hardly notice what is happening.

It’s easy to discount subtleties, but the moment you discount them, my elders taught me you disqualify the healing that just occurred. Subconsciously, that means you are resetting your progress, and you are now starting from zero.

That’s why it is so important to attend to disappointments, regrets and resentments, anger, sorrow or numbness with compassion—immediately. If you don’t tend to these emotions with love, they will carry you into a spiral of despair and you lose faith in what healing progress you have made.

The negative feelings and mindset create chemical responses in your body that perpetuate your illness. Your illness progresses, and you could find yourself convinced you are not able to heal.

natural healingThe healing is in noticing the subtle improvements, cherishing them, and increasing the activities, mind and heart-set that stimulated your improvement.

I’m looking out my office window right now at a world in bloom. Spring is a wonderful season for watching the subtleties of change. Watching a bird build a nest, or a flower push through the soil, a tree budding its leaves are all reminders that most of the time, in nature, change happens one little movement at a time.

Every little progressive movement counts, and in the springtime, isn’t it easy to smile when you see each little sign that the lush gifts of the earth are emerging?

I have found, and you might want to try this, that keeping a journal each day about the small movements of positive changes taking place keeps me focused on the natural healing that is actually occurring.

One uncomfortable hour, day or week is like a spring storm passing through. It does not mean that new life is not arriving. It just means that things are clearing out and seeds are being planted in new places.

Your healing might be occurring subtly, as you let go of old beliefs, meet unmet emotional needs, create new habits, develop more positive thoughts and open to receiving healing—and like the stirrings of life in the spring, those subtle movements count.

As you notice them and tend to them, the speed of your healing picks up. That is what sets the speed of natural healing.

Holding you in my heart and songs,


5 Minute Healing Workout

Love Work-outtMy 5 minute healing work-out for building love muscles.

Work-out multiple times per day when feeling bad.

1. Choose a physical task around the house like washing dishes, vacuuming, pick up a room, washing your car, or any mundane task that needs your attention.

2. Dedicate 5 minutes of complete attention to the task.

3. Before you begin, remember a moment, any moment, in your life when you felt love.

4. Open your heart wide and let that love fill your entire body.

5. Begin your task. As you touch whatever you are working on, touch it with love. Whether you are touching a tupper-ware bowl, a piece of clothing, a rag, or a vacuum cleaner—let love fill the space you are working on.

6. Open your heart in gratitude for everything around you that supports you. Be in gratitude for the book you are dusting, the dish you are putting away, the clothes you are folding, the car you are washing, etc.

7. When 5 minutes of living in love and gratitude for everything you have touched are finished, pause to lovingly thank yourself for being such a caring and grateful person.

8. Notice how different life feels inside you and around you. That feeling is the most powerful healing energy in the world. Well done!


2 Huge Reasons Not to Wait to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

psychic abilities and intuition Don’t wait another minute to develop your intuition and psychic abilities (and, yes, we all have them):

1. If you don’t tend to your psychic abilities and use them, they can back-log inside you, creating pressure in the body that can lead to illness.

I’ve shared this story before, and it bears repeating. My friend Ariann was having terrible migraine headaches that seemed to have no relationship to hormones, diet or stress. She suspected she might be picking up on volcanic activity on the planet with her deeply empathic connection to the earth. She didn’t tell me that, and when I did some healing work for her, I told her I was seeing volcanoes exploding inside her.

Understanding that healing energy for the planet was backing up inside her, she put her own psychic abilities to work and found relief from her tormenting headaches. I’ve always remembered this—There can be a price for not recognizing and following intuitive guidance. Since then, I’ve diligently worked to recognize and develop my natural psychic abilities.

You have a more difficult time manifesting what you want, because you are less connected to your psychic abilities and intuition–your sources of inspiration.

Tashene (interviewed as part of my Women of Power and Spirit series) could see spirits when she was a child, but when she told her family, they told her she was lying. As a result she cut-off her natural psychic abilities as a medium, and began living a “normal” life until she was diagnosed with cancer and told she only had 3 months to live. In retrospect, she realizes that while she was disconnected from her gifts, she made choices that contributed to her illness.

A near-death experience helped her reconnect to her Divine guidance, and that powerful connection helped her find her necessary steps to heal her “incurable”cancer. That same guidance led her to the rewarding work of now teaching Levels of Integrated Conscious Enlightenment.

As you can see, it is well worth it to recognize and develop your natural psychic abilities. But how do you do it?

Here are 3 ways you can simply and easily develop your natural psychic abilities and intuition right now.

When resistance does not mean stop

metaphysical meaning behind liver toxicityHave you ever used a clearing technique on some emotional pain and bumped into resistance? Did you think, “Oh my gosh, this must not be working,” and back off from what you were doing?

Did you find tears welling up and decide you just didn’t want do any more? Certainly, if I’m doing this right the healing should be easier than this?

I’ve been there. I don’t know how many times in my life I stopped the process before I understood that the release would occur if I stayed present to it. The resistance was the reason I was experiencing suffering.

Now I understand that when I meet resistance, I’m at the crucial healing moment.

Our tendency is to stop and run. It’s a natural response. We do that by distracting ourselves with our thoughts and our stories.

I was quite masterful at running away. I could find all kinds of reasons to avoid sitting still with myself and compassionately being present to my pain. In retrospect, it made complete sense. It was pain!

However, every time I ran away, I extended the clock on the pain I was experiencing.

Resistance is where we meet ourselves. It’s the stuff that would make us feel uncomfortable about ourselves and our experiences. Behind our resistance, we are protecting our regrets, resentments, vulnerability, feelings of shame, inadequacy—our fear that we were never worthy of the love we truly want to know.

The resistance is also where we keep our stories—our beliefs, patterns of behavior, and all our reasons for feeling bad.

Resistance is the way we try to protect ourselves from our own painful feelings.

The irony is that the more we resist being present to our resistance, the more uncomfortable we feel about our lives, without ever quite being able to put our finger on the reason for that pain.

The answer and the freedom live on the other side of the resistance. In order to get to the other side, the resistance needs to be met, and preferably with love. Your resistance gives way to love because love is what you have been seeking all along.

All those negative feelings behind the resistance are just waiting for you to hold them in your grace and compassion. Deep in your psyche a part of you is waiting to know that you love you unconditionally—that you love the shame, regrets, vulnerability, and fears of inadequacy right along side your love for your talents, beauty, service, kindness and any other qualities you value.

If you only love your positive qualities, you turn away a big part of yourself. You leave the most wounded part of you out in the cold, separated from your love. And those are the parts that are suffering inside you.

For a powerful story about loving the wounded parts of you, I recommend this beautiful self-healing story from this Woman of Power and Spirit interview with Lea Chapin.

When it comes to emotional healing, resistance does not necessarily mean stop. In my experience it means, “Please come closer. I need you. I need to feel your love.”



Alone – an Emotional Healing Moment

There are times in the emotional healing journey when you find yourself completely alone in the process. Those can be difficult times, and yet they are an important part of deep healing.

natural healing

I remember a very grim time many years ago when I chose to be alone over the holidays. My boyfriend went home to be with his family and rather than choose to be with my own family I stayed home.

I was feeling depressed because I was afraid I was pregnant. Feeling unwanted by a boyfriend that didn’t choose to spend the holidays with me, I was scared and sad. And being with my family to celebrate a cheerful holiday, just wasn’t something I wanted to do.

So I sat for days in my apartment and cried. I blamed him for abandoning me and bemoaned my lonliness. I asked the little spirit inside me to leave because I was not ready to parent a child when I was so emotionally unstable. Bless her heart, her spirit left me. That was good in that I wasn’t ready, but it only heightened my feeling of abandonment.

What I now understand was that I created this aloneness in order to heal my pain around abandonment. I abandoned myself, spending days ruminating on my pain and not giving myself emotional comfort—from me.

Had I been able to receive the gift of aloneness, I could have found true and lasting peace that comes from emotional healing within. I created aloneness because my subconscious mind knew my emotional healing had to come from my compassion (not pity) for myself.

In that regard, I was a slow learner. It took more than one of those occasions for me to finally realize that moments of aloneness were opportunities to learn how to comfort myself. Until I began to engage in true self-compassion and self-caring, I was a hungry void—looking for everyone around me to fill me—everyone except me.

Like most of us, I had to find new ways to be with the emotional pain I was feeling. I had to become the master of my own ship. And you can too. Here are some suggestions from the Chopra center to help you find new ways to address your emotional healing:


Leaf-dropIn Emotional Healing there are some voids that only you can fill.

But no one else could fill that void. No one understood me the way I could. No one could be more intimate with me than me. And here is what I didn’t understand: I couldn’t truly feel their compassion until I could feel compassion for myself.

 Self-compassion requires truth. You must be willing to see the truth of what you are creating, and rather than berate yourself, open your heart to the wounded one that created so much pain. Then you can finally feel the beautiful being underneath the pain.

If you have a difficult time feeling self-compassion,  discover how to access greater self-love, as you gently open to deeper personal truth in the Root of All Healing Audio program.

Ultimately, to get to the sweet one behind the pain, you have to honor all of you. As a very wise therapist once said to me, “You have to hold yourself.” When it comes to choosing lasting emotional healing, she was right.