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What can I do about my underactive thryroid from a metaphysical perspective?

underactive thyroidI’ve received several requests to talk about the metaphysical meaning behind thyroid problems. I’m happy today to offer you the insights I received in meditation and to provide you with a few statistics as well.

When I started to write this article, I had forgotten a while back I did an article on the metaphysical meaning of thyroid dysfunction in general. There are some subtle differences between general thyroid dysfunction and having an underactive thyroid specifically. If you are curious about general implications, you can read that article here.

An underactive thyroid can create some very uncomfortable symptoms, as you may know:

Fatigue and lack of energy
Weight gain
Sensitivity to cold
Joint and muscle pain
Hair Loss
Decrease sweating
Cholesterol problems
Slowed hear rate
Menstrual problems

Women, more than men, are likely to develop an underactive thryroid. And you should be aware that according to the National Institutes of Health, some medications interfere with thyroid production, so you should check out those medications and talk to your doctor.


According to the University of Maryland Medical Center this is the role of your thyroid:
The thyroid plays an important role in regulating the body’s metabolism and calcium balance. The T4 and T3 hormones stimulate every tissue in the body to produce proteins and increase the amount of oxygen used by cells.
Source: Thyroid Gland | University of Maryland Medical Center http://umm.edu/programs/diabetes/health/endocrinology-health-guide/thyroid-gland#ixzz3E50oSNgZ

Web MD does a great job of giving you insights into some of the causes of hypothyroidism from a medical perspective.


As you know if you’ve read any of my articles, I believe that lasting healing occurs when we address an illness physically and emotionally/spiritually. It is wise to be educated and knowledgeable and also to become aware of any underlying emotions that might be influencing your body’s unbalanced state.

To support you in addressing spiritual and emotional patterns, I meditate to get to the metaphysical roots behind illnesses. Best of all, I recommend you become still and listen to your own inner wisdom. Compare that to what I share here, so that you can deciper for yourself what you perceive is true for you in your own emotional and spiritual healing.

I typically mediate first and then pick up Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life to compare my impressions with hers.

Here is what I received in meditation about hypothyroidism.

Your underactive thyroid is about giving up too soon. It occurs when life seems too hard and you feel defeated. Perhaps you have not experienced your sense of purpose or the ease and joy you thought life would bring you. And while a part of you is still going, a part of you has given up.

You thought you had to get something right. A part of you thinks there is an emotional and spiritual quality of life and level of intuitive guidance that you need to attain. And yet, the artistic, creative part of you really wants to just experience what is there to be experienced.

Deep down, you really don’t want to be told what to do. You want to experience and discover for yourself what seems to work best for you. In a sense, it’s about the right to experience life, without it having to mean something.

 Here’s how Louise Hay describes the emotional root behind thyroid problems:

Humiliation. “I never get to do what I want to do. When is it going to be my turn?” And her affirmation for the thyroid encourages freedom of expression and creativity.

In essence, you are a free spirit sitting inside a box of your mind’s creation. Therefore, it is time to get out of the box and experience life without judging your performance. Once the creative spirit gets its time, your intuition will naturally come along for the ride, and you’ll feel your love for life—ultimately making life easier and more fun.

Your underactive thyroid, from a metaphysical meaning, just might be guiding you to trust the creative spirit inside you and allow those intuitive impulses to express through your creativity.

Chronic Illness: Metaphysical Meaning and Perspective in Your Self-Healing Journey

metaphysical meaning behind liver toxicityChronic Illness: Metaphysical Meaning and Perspective in Your Self-Healing Journey

The term chronic illness can be scary. We associate chronic illness with life-long or terminal conditions for which there are few or no cures. Simply hearing the words, many of us go into depression and fear.

A few months ago, I was meditating with some cancerous energy that was in my body (that is thankfully now gone). What I discovered about the metaphysical meaning of what could have been a life-threatening condition gave me a new perspective about chronic illnesses, the metaphysical meaning behind them and self-healing.

As I have discovered over and over again, loving ourselves at the emotional roots of our illnesses inspires us to health and promotes healing. In this meditation, the depth of my awareness about where and how we lose touch with that love was wonderfully helpful.

At one point in the meditation, as I attended to this cancerous energy with love and compassion, I entered a deep altered state. I felt rejection, as though some part of my consciousness had interpreted my distance from Source (the Divine, God, whatever you call the source of love and creation) as rejection.

Let me be clear. I did not have the sense that the Divine had rejected me, but rather that rejection was one interpretation of that distance.

Imagine how a child might feel rejected if a parent left them alone in a room for a long, long time. The child at some point might come to believe they had been rejected. That feeling would arise even if their parent was right around the corner in the next room, accessible, but out of sight.

Overall, human awareness has for many centuries held a very light thread of awareness that we are of the Divine. For some of us our relationship has been one in which we are aware we were created by the Divine, but with less awareness that we are of the Divine—Divine consciousness in human form with human limitations.

This is similar to what a teenager and young adult goes through in their individuation from their parents, where they are naturally more aware of the distinctions than the similarities between themselves and their parents.

As we get older, we become increasingly aware of how similar we are to our parents. We eventually become distinctly aware that we are made from the same DNA as our parents, as are our children and grandchildren, as we observe the nature of our family genetics and patterns of behavior appearing through the generations.

Sometime after about 5 years old, we lose our sense of oneness with the Divine, and many of us seem to live a long time in the individuation stage when it comes to relationship with the Divine. He/She/It is out there and we are here in our human bodies. We seem to have to work to remember that we are of the Divine, made up from the same “stuff” and awareness as original consciousness.

And so our human experience in some ways feels like being separated from our parent. The Divine feels as though He/She/It is in the next room, or even further away—barely accessible. Even though the Divine is ever present at all times, it doesn’t always feel that way. Because we perceive that we can’t easily feel our union with the Divine, we interpret this feeling of separation as rejection.

We fear that we have been rejected because we are somehow unworthy. You could call it the original misinterpretation.

So as we feel rejected, we reject. When some parts of our bodies ache, we don’t really want to have anything to do with those parts. Instead of embracing them in love, we try to ignore them.

When our emotions feel uncomfortable, instead of being compassionately loving with them, we try to run away from them. We separate. We reject.

What I learned from the cancerous energy in my body is that deep down, every cell wants to feel accepted and loved. Divine love is ever present, and we as humans can transcend the feelings of separation in at least one of several ways:

1)    We can be present and in compassion to whatever aches and hurts—physically or emotionally—until the pain dissolves (heals) and all that remains is love, or

2)    We can bring our attention to the love that is ever present in all of life (including our emotions and physical pain) until all that remains is the experience of that love.

3)    We can disengage from the story (beliefs and feelings) we have associated with the pain.

Which of these approaches we choose to use, if we want to engage self-healing energy for ourselves, we can choose to become aware of the rejection that is occurring, and then choose to live in the love that permeates it all. Chronic illness that has been created by or exacerbated by rejection can finally find rest as the metaphysical meaning and root of the illness is accepted in love, and as a result, healing is the natural outcome.



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When Cancer Heals—The Metaphysical Meaning Behind It

Cancer - CrocusA few weeks ago I wrote about my own experience with cancer, discovering it when a spirit guide lifted cancerous energy out of my body at the end of a three day ceremony.

As you may recall, I chose not to panic. Rather, I chose to go deeply into the metaphysical and emotional attachments that were behind the condition. I created sound medicine for myself and listened to it multiple times a day and lovingly meditated with each layer of pain and belief that surfaced.

The Metaphysical Meaning Behind My Cancer

At the root I discovered a fundamental energy that all of us live with in some way. When that energy cleared, so did the cancer. I received the message that the cancer was gone.

In my first article regarding cancer I refer to it as a disease of neglect. The fundamental energy I discovered is very much akin to neglect. In fact, neglect could be considered a reflection of it.

At the root, I found rejection. I was rejecting aspects of myself that I didn’t like—the parts of me I discussed in following articles—the part deep within that likes and is attached to suffering. We call these parts evil, but they are nothing more than interpretations of our separation from Source.

They are the uncomfortable aspects of who we are, and when we do not meet these aspects with love, we are rejecting them. We are rejecting an interpretation of energy that originally came from Source. We are rejecting ourselves—the wounded parts of ourselves.

When I felt myself start to respond in anger, I stopped the reaction and chose to hold him in love. Throughout the dream, repeatedly, I responded with compassion, until finally he softened and became kind toward me; ready to make reparation for harm he had caused. In his softening and my compassion, there was love and resolution. The angst and pain dissolved.

Fear Reactions to Cancer and Other Chronic Illnesses

When I am provoked or afraid, my primal response is anger. For some the response is to freeze; for others to run or withdraw. Most of us automatically react to fear with one of these responses depending upon the circumstances.

The response of higher consciousness is to respond with compassion. However, we typically need to train ourselves to respond from higher awareness. This is why I teach The Holding with such dedication.

As we learn to hold our fears in compassion, we are training our minds to respond to fear with compassion rather than the fight, flight or freeze reaction that is so natural to us.

I have been using The Holding Meditation with the Sound Medicine CD daily, knowing that as I released the underlying fears, I would be guided to physical choices that would also help me quickly heal.

Within days, I was making dramatic changes in my diet, to even more alkaline foods than I was already eating. I learned what to do to make the water I drink more alkaline. My husband and I take a brisk walk every day, and we increased it to two—getting more oxygen into my body.

I watched my emotional triggers, and took each raw, bruised feeling into meditation with me. I found more crevices, emotionally and physically, that were devoid of enough love—and I loved more deeply, more completely than I ever had before.

I thanked the cancerous cells of my body for holding me accountable for honoring and accepting all the aspects of myself—for welcoming all of me home in the arms of love.

Spiritual Gifts for Healing Cancer and Other Chronic Illnesses

Each of us has a healing gift equal to cancer and chronic illnesses we are addressing. Each of us has access to the Divine love within us that can hold it all until what has been rejected is finally loved again.

When cancer heals because we have fully addressed its metaphysical meaning, we claim a greater depth of self-love and acceptance. The neglected, rejected parts are finally seen, heard and loved. The pain dissolves, and all that remains is love—love enough to hold and heal it all.


Fighting Cancer and Chronic Illnesses – Metaphysical Meaning Part 4

Fighting CancerIn my choice to not spend energy fighting cancer, but rather to attend to the emotional healing and metaphysical meaning of cancer, I discovered 4 layers of abuse associated with chronic illnesses. In this rather lengthy, but important article, I share my discoveries.

As I discuss in Part 3, I understand that fighting cancer is basically a choice to go to war with some part of myself, and since I believe in the power of emotional healing to support me in my physical healing, I decided that a warring position was not one that suited me. I chose a path of compassion in my emotional healing, and here are the layers of abuse I encountered  in my compassion meditations.

Each day, I meditate in compassion with the affected areas of my body, where a trusted spiritual guide and teacher, pulled cancerous energy out of my body. I see it as my responsibility to complete the process she so lovingly began.

As I have been meditating with layers of emotional healing—the metaphysical meaning and roots behind cancer, I am discovering an insight that is quite uncomfortable, but significant.

I know when the roots of chronic illnesses have become apparent to me because the roots are often a bit disquieting. They are the kinds of beliefs, with attached feelings, that I would prefer to avoid, yet know I must find compassion for if I am truly dedicated to my emotional healing.

In my meditation with cancer, I discovered multiple layers that needed to be addressed. While I expect that each person would have their own variations of these layers, I sense that the overall layers may provide some clues for each of us.

Layer 1 in the Emotional Healing of Cancer and Chronic Illnesses

The first layer is one that many of us first address in our healing journeys. This is where we realize we are or have been the victim of some unfortunate circumstance. In my case, I once again returned to unreleased pain and helplessness around sexual abuse.

I have done a lot of healing around this, so this particular layer did not take long for me, but if acknowledgement of abuse is new to you, you might find that it takes a while to truly honor the part of you that still feels the pain of victimization.

In the world of today, where so much negative energy is projected toward an individual when they are feeling the pain of their victimization, I strongly recommend that you do the opposite. There is no need to criticize yourself for feeling victimized or attempt to ignore it because it is a “lower” energy field.

Your self acknowledgement and compassion are all that are needed for the one that was wounded to finally relax and rest. Your love for yourself is the remedy for that pain. If you feel victimized, you need self-love and deep, caring compassion.

For a beautiful and ancient meditation that can help you experience deep emotional healing through compassion, I recommend The Holding, which can be found in my book, Sacred Feminine Awakening: The Emergence of Compassion. http://sacredfeminineawakening.com/book/

Layer 2 in the Emotional Healing of Cancer and Chronic Illnesses

The second layer was the part of me that abuses—myself and others. While I have never raped someone physically, my thoughts over the years have not always been kind. Angry, resentful thoughts and disparaging words are all forms of abuse that I have inflicted on myself and others—even people I love.

The next layer of woundedness that needed my love and compassion was the abuser inside of me. I have sat with this part of myself a great deal throughout my years of healing work, so this layer also found rest fairly quickly.

It would have been easy to attempt to pass by this layer of my pain, since I’ve held this part of me in so much compassion over the years. But I know from experience, there are nuances of victimization and abuse that rise to the surface that need love. To deny them compassion is to deny my very self and most of all the part of me that is in pain—even if that pain is operating at a subconscious level affecting my health and my choices.

The truth is that it exists and therefore, it is worthy and in need of my love.

 Layer 3 in the Emotional Healing of Cancer and Chronic Illnesses

It was the third layer that really got my attention. Here I experienced my greatest dread. I met the part of me that likes to be abused. That’s right. The scary word in that sentence was like. I touched and then consciously acknowledged the part of me that finds some measure of satisfaction in being the pure and worthy, but unseen and unrecognized woman, that finally sees herself when she is abused.

Acknowledging that there was a part of me that wants the abuse was a difficult to admit. And it took some dedication to feel true compassion for that part of me. But recognizing the sweetness in the pain—the part of me that wants to remember I’m pure and worthy—what an important part of me to discover and honor through the compassion.

When this layer released, there was one more to go in relationship to the abused and the abuser within.

Layer 4 in the Emotional Healing of Cancer and Chronic Illnesses

This was the most challenging layer. In this layer I saw my need to be compassionate with the part of me that likes to abuse. There it was again—liking it. This was more than acknowledging that I can abuse. Acknowledging that there is a thrill in it that I like was a bit terrifying for me.

The truth is that it can feel good to say something demeaning to someone else, or think it. Look at how many movies we see where a leading character makes a snide and poignant remark. Most of us laugh. Me included. Power at the expense of another let’s me feel righteous and masterful. And as I have written before, righteousness is addictive.

Mentally, I’ve known the third and fourth layers of relationship exist. What I wasn’t doing was finding compassion for them. I needed to feel compassion for the part of me, the scary part of me that likes playing out these roles of abused and abuser.

I know that when I have felt enough compassion, the needs of the abused and the abuser within me, along with their thrills and their pain will diminish. These layers are experiences of being human—forgetting that we are Divine in origin—separating our consciousness from complete Divine awareness.

I am not the first human to meet these parts of myself and I will not be the last. Cancer is the manifestation of my desire to further reject those aspects of being human. I know from my experience that compassion is the great healer. As I can accept all the aspects of myself, I embrace my true nature, and in owning it all I am free.

Here is the question I ask myself and I am asking you…

What would happen if you neither ran away from your fears of unworthiness, nor fought to feel self-respect? What would happen if you fell in love with you and your life, and served the Divine heart-beat that lives inside of you? Is it possible that all of the life force you put into fighting cancer or chronic illnesses could better serve you if your emotional healing energy was directed into loving the life you are here to live?

Fighting Cancer—Metaphysical Meaning of Cancer Part 2

boxing-glovesWhen we are fighting cancer, what metaphysical meaning are we giving to the cancer and how might this be affecting our intentions to find our cure for cancer?

What is happening metaphysically that keeps fighting cancer, rather than giving ourselves restful and joyful experiences that could actually aid us in preventing and healing cancer, and other serious illnesses?

I sat with these questions in the stillness and Spiritually, this is what I get when I meditate with cancer  in regard to our emotional healing (and yes, I would expect some slight differences for the specific types of cancer).

In general, cancer is a disease of neglect. We neglect to respond to our intuitive inner calls to bring our lives into a greater state of peace. We allow ourselves to be exposed to toxins when we do not heed our own intuitive wisdom. We replay traumas over and over in our lives, and resist our inner call to peace.

Cancer is the disease of deep-seated resentment—on its surface directed toward others, but at its root there is a resentment of the self—what we perceive we should or should not have done.

We are afraid that if we were to be compassionate, we would be condoning a choice we should or should not have made. We have in essence cut ourselves off from compassion in the belief that to be compassionate in certain matters is to be weak.

We are afraid to forgive ourselves and others. We are afraid that if we become too compassionate, we’ll become too soft and lower our standards and expectations, both of ourselves and others, or that we might be giving up on a dream.

We withhold compassion in an attempt to uphold standards, as if these two energies are not compatible—but they are. To heal cancer we need deep and profound compassion for ourselves and then for others. To live in harmony with others and to grow, we need reasonable standards with which to live by.

But when we do not meet our expectations, we still need to know that we are loveable. We need to know that we are worthy of love simply because we exist.

We become angry with ourselves for not being good enough. So if we go to war with ourselves for not being good enough, how do we help ourselves heal? We only cause ourselves to go deeper into our own resistance as we feel less satisfied with ourselves, and even angrier about our lack of positive outcomes. We resent ourselves and regret our choices.

From a metaphysical perspective, when we are fighting cancer we are fighting ourselves. We are fighting with the cells that are at the moment a part of who we are, cancerous yes, but a part of who we are nonetheless.  If I’m fighting with myself, I’m not really making a positive affect on my emotional healing.

If we remain in anger and resistance, we are only adding emotional stress to our journeys, and that is not supporting our physical healing.

When addressing the metaphysical meaning, what is the prescription for anger?

Instead of fighting cancer you could choose to use that same energy to understand the emotions that may have caused the cancer or may be exacerbating your condition. You could ask yourself, “Is this fight for your life, at its root, a struggle with your own emotions—even perhaps, your reasons for being angry?”

If I asked you to finish this sentence, “ I am angry with _______ because ________.  And that makes me angry because __________. Then if I asked you these questions 5-10 times in a row, at some point, I guarantee you, you would eventually realize you are angry with yourself for what you did, did not do, or allowed to happen. (Try it.) You might discover that it is pretty natural to feel angry about feeling unworthy.

If you are going to go to war with cancer, consider using that energy in a way that could truly make a difference. Uncover the part of you that feels so unworthy. Demonstrate to that part of you that you are worthy of love. Convince that part of you that your life has meaning and that human frailty is worth forgiving through compassion.

A Sioux Sundance Chief once taught me that the role of the warrior during peace-time is to build up their community. Is it possible that rebuilding your body and heart is the greater, required work of a warrior fighting cancer?

Are you willing to be passionate enough about the value of your life and reason for your existence that you will do whatever it takes to rebuild your life in love and compassion for you, for others, for those you have wronged, and those that have wronged you?

In your quest to find your cure for cancer, are you willing to do some emotional healing? Are you willing to consider that fighting cancer might be a losing battle, and that your cure for cancer might be served by a deeper and more compassionate love for yourself?

We’ll discuss this question about fighting cancer and more about the metaphysical meaning of cancer in Part 3.