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Diabetes and Self-Healing

One of our readers asked about how to heal from diabetes. I love your questions. They challenge me to dive in deeply into the spiritual and emotional roots behind illnesses.

When I took the concept of healing diabetes into meditation, I received an interesting perspective about this condition. Diabetes is the result of our psychological desire to experience the sweetness of life without expelling any effort. Then when we find that the earthly sweets of food are not satisfying enough, we disrupt our ability to ingest them. We do this so that we will be compelled to discover the greater sweetness in life, which is our true spiritual nature.

Louise Hay in You Can Heal Your Life, describes the internal motivation behind diabetes in this way: “Longing for what might have been. A great need for control. Deep sorrow. No sweetness left.”

The affirmation she recommends is this: “This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today.”

Discover more about Louise Hay’s work at: http://www.youcanhealyourlifemovie.com/

There is a palpable sweetness that is present when we allow ourselves to experience the limitless love of the Divine. The key is to invite an opening to love in each and every moment. If your heart has been closed down for some time as a way to try to protect it, you have probably discovered that stopping the flow of love can be as painful (if not more so) than opening to the risks of love.

At some point, the heart demands to experience love. When that happens, you may find it best to ease your way into sweet love by giving yourself permission to feel gratitude or compassion. It can be quite a challenge to move from protection to experiencing greater love and I have discovered that these two flavors of love seem to make the way a little easier.

Of course, allowing is the opposite of controlling. You can’t control love anyway. It’s not a controllable feeling. It is a vibration that spontaneously wells up within us when we are vulnerable and receptive to life. Being vulnerable is about opening the heart.

We cannot make up for what we did not receive in our past. Love just doesn’t work that way. No person or event can fill the gap. Oh, we try. We fall in love with someone hoping that their love will assuage our aching hearts. We have children with the hope that our love for them will fulfill us in the love we didn’t experience as kids. We build careers with the expectation that money and influence will fill the longing, but they don’t. There is only one thing that fills us and that lies in awakening to the Divine love that we already are.

We just forgot for a while that the sweetest love we will ever experience is not about filling up with food, events, power, things or other people. The sweetest love is right here, right now, in our true nature as expressions of Divine consciousness exploring itself. There is nothing to get or take in. The sweetness is right here and we have the ability to remember it—to awaken to it. The effort required is in surrendering control and allowing ourselves to be present in this moment.

And isn’t that the effort we try to avoid? It takes tremendous diligence and commitment to surrender control. It takes continual focus to remember that all there is and all we long for exists right now. We can’t get it from the past, so regret is futile. Discovering the greatest sweetness we will ever know is in self-awareness and its nature of limitless love, and that is within our ability to experience now.

If you have diabetes, consider everything in your life in this moment that is sweet. Notice the trees and grass as the wind blows across them. Allow your senses to open to the warming of the sunshine and the tickling of the rain. Smile when you see someone smiling in the grocery store and be grateful for a warm cup of tea in your hands.  Be delighted by your own silly joke or a mistake you made that led to a funny outcome. Make it a game to be a sweetness catcher, noticing all of the sweet ways in which the Divine exists within and around you. Recognize the sweetness every day until you fully realize that is who you are.

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  1. I hope that helps a lot of people. I've been newly diagnosed with diabetes and the symptoms are making me very poorly and the side effects from the medication are worse. But even though I had read Louise Hay's affirmation and try to use it – your words were so true, I cried and cried reading it as I recognised every word is true and makes perfect sense. Thank you.

    • Hi! I would like to know if your are keeping with the possitive thoughts and if they heal you or how is going your diabetes at the present time? I have diabetes and I want to heal my self with these thoughts.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with your article. Hypoglycemia is often considered the opposite of diabetes, low blood sugar. I was diagnosed with it many years ago and it was severe. The day I sat down and asked, where did the 'sweetness' in my life disappear, I flashed back to the time I caught my husband in bed with my best friend and voila, that was the moment I needed to heal. I healed the memory and have had no problem with hypoglycemia since. The body is a report card of the soul. It is all right in front of us if we just know how to look.

      • Manu,

        Yes, I agree, sometimes it is helpful to go back in time to heal something that happened, and such healing can heal our present moment. I also know that sometimes by being compassionate with ourselves in this moment in time is equally healing. The wounds from our past become the wounds of our present if those wounds are never adequately met with compassion. And we can indeed heal those wounds by being compassionate with ourselves in the past situations or in our present dilemmas because it is all connected.

  3. Thank you Misa… I came across this piece when I was searching the net for the sweetness of life…I was thinking about this theme for my yoga classes and since my cat has been diagnosed with diabetes it made me think / reflect on sweetness in life, love… And then your page and ahhhhh the picture of the cat – drew me in. Your words align with me – the sweetness of aligning with the Divine & cOMpassionately giving our self permission to open our heart to explore our Divine nature ?

    Thank you I would love to share this with others on my blog… You have inspired me with so many ideas for my classes


    • Michelle, I’m so glad my words touched your heart. Please feel free to share my articles with others. We all need a little confirmation now and then, don’t we?

  4. Thank you so much for this article. I was told this week that I had diabetes and for some time now I felt my heart had been getting cold, lonely and tired. Your articles brought back memories and understanding.
    Would you allow me to translate it into French and put it on my website?
    Thank you,

  5. Hi Misa,

    Thank you for your article.
    My little son was diagnosed with type one diabetes a few months ago. He was only three and a half at that time. Do you have any suggestions that could help healing in children?
    Lots of love

  6. Hi Misa,

    thank you for your article. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes only a few months ago. He was only three and a half at that time. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for healing in children and if you think they could really be cured?

    Lots of love

    • Hello Lenka. Watching our children suffer has to be one of the most difficult challenges a parent ever faces. I don’t know if you believe in karma, or whether you believe we bring these challenges with us at birth. This has been my experience. I remember holding my granddaughter in my arms when she was a baby, knowing one of the abuses she was going to suffer in this lifetime. I also knew that none of my prayers would change that eventual reality, though I tried. She eventually did experience the abuse I saw in her, and I know that she has the strength within her to heal it completely, if she chooses.

      Children can be amazing healers. They tend not to have so much doubt about the abilities of their minds and hearts to heal. I have watched and heard about children healing themselves and others with energy medicine, and in one case the child was about the age of your son.

      When your son heals and how will ultimately be up to his soul. Perhaps, you would be willing to hold space in your heart for his soul’s journey. The soul longs to remember that it is the pure love of the Divine. If you can find it inside of you to hold his hopes and dreams, his pains, his suffering, and all of his choices—including love for the lesson type 1 diabetes itself bring into his life, his soul will recognize and respond to that love. In your love, his soul might find its rest—enough rest for healing to begin.

      Children often respond quite well to energy medicine, so you might consider teaching him how to bring loving healing energy into his own body through touch, visualization or sound for example, depending on what seems most natural for him. Children also respond well to daily rituals, so you might create a lovely healing ritual to do with him before he goes to sleep at night. The energy you set into motion before he sleeps will continue to work throughout the night.

      He must have a powerful journey in this life to have started so young with this condition. And how blessed he is to have you loving him and caring for his well-being. Holding you both in my heart!

      • “In your love, his soul might find rest”
        Thank you for re-framing my son’s disease as an opportunity for our family to experience different dimensions of unconditional love. I’m grateful for the comfort of your words.

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