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Chronic Pain and Being Empathic

volcanoA little known fact that every empathic person in chronic pain should consider

If you even think you might be empathic, this is information you need to know if you are  are on a self-healing path, in chronic pain and challenged in becoming healthy. This concept is known in some ancient healing traditions, but it is not generally known to an empath.

If you are empathic and you are not using the gifts for healing that come with your empathic nature, you could actually be contributing significantly to your chronic pain. I didn’t know this could happen, until I did healing readings for some people whose illnesses were directly connected to healing energy they had but were not using.

Since many of learned to shut down our empathy as a means of protecting ourselves, you might not even be aware that you are empathic.  That is what happened to me, so I was an adult before I discovered I empathized with people’s physical and emotional pain quite deeply.

Here is how it worked.  I would be feeling absolutely great and head over to a friend’s house for a social engagement. Because there were new people to meet, my friend would make introductions. I’d shake hands with someone, looking into their cheerful eyes and suddenly feel profoundly sad. Then I might be having a conversation with someone and seemingly out of nowhere feel pain in my chest.

I assumed I was having problems that were being triggered by other people, until my medicine elder explained to me that while it might be my issue alone, it was also possible that I was empathic, picking up their pain.

As I paid attention to my empathic responses, I began to understand how it worked in me. This article provides some great insights about traits of empathy, if you are curious about whether you are an empath.

In later years, as I began doing energy healing work to help others and did some healing readings, I discovered that pent-up healing energy in the body can produce physical, and even chronic pain.

I could sense people stopping the flow of healing energy in their bodies, and as a result, they were suffering.

For example if your empathic response to someone else’s pain is for energy to flow through your hands, and you stop the flow, you could find that your hands, wrists, arms, and joints particularly, ache intensely. Physically, inflammation in the body has many causes including injury, diet, infection, weak immune system, gastric issues, hormones etc. However, if you are empathic, you have one more cause to consider and that is constricted energy flow.

Profound empathy is common for people with healing gifts. Empathy within your own body or emotions is what allows you to deeply understand what is happening for someone else.

I have discovered 5 common areas in which empathic people tend to focus their empathy:

1. Some empathic people connect with other people’s physical conditions
2. Some empathic people connect with other people’s emotions.
3. Still others connect to animals, and
4. There are empaths that connect to Mother Earth and earth based energies
5. Some empathic people connect to the movement of the planets and celestial bodies

Some empaths have profound relationships with combinations of these four primary points of focus, and others are affected by all four.

I find that earth connected empaths are often the least aware that they are living in empathy with nature. This makes sense when you consider that recognizing our energetic relationship to Mother Earth has been socially repressed in many cultures for hundreds of years.  A person is often an adult on a spiritual path of awakening that includes conscious connection with the earth before realizing they may have a unique bond with the Mother.

Here is an example. A dear friend of mine would get intense migraine headaches, typically lasting for three days. They seemed to come out of nowhere, and did not seem to be related to stress, sinuses or hormones, or any other usual causes of migraines. As I was doing some healing work on her, I kept seeing a vision of a volcano exploding. This seemed like an apt metaphor for a migraine, but I had a sense it wasn’t a metaphor. After the healing session, and with her permission, I shared with her what I had seen.

This confirmed something she has suspected and researched. She had discovered that a volcano had exploded during the same period she had the headache. After receiving confirmation from me, the very first symptoms she immediately did some healing energy work with the volcano, and the migraine stopped.  She has not had a volcano-related migraine since then.

If you are now wondering if you are empathic or what you should do if you are having empathetic responses, here are some recommendations:

1. If you aren’t sure about how empathic you might be, I suggest you begin observing your life very carefully so you  can begin to see correlations between events and pain. In the first chapter of my book, “The Root of All Healing,” I teach the readers how to create simple behavioral charts so that you can record what happens prior to an influx of pain, during the painful period and afterwards, so that you can recognize any potential patterns that previously seemed to be hidden.

2. If you notice that there are patterns connected to other people’s physical or emotional pain, animal distress or the Mother Earth, you are going to need to discover your energetic healing gift. You can discover your gifts through internal reflections or with outside assistance from someone else, such as:

Observation—keen awareness about what natural elements or expressions of energy you relate to most and what you have done in the past that made a difference

Meditation—introspective awareness about how energy flows and responds through you

Dream Analysis—Inviting your dreams to show you your gifts and how to use them

Reading—from someone qualified to recognize other people’s energetic gifts and teach you how to use them

Energy Healing—from someone able to identify and show you how to use your energetic talents to help yourself

Once you understand how your energy is responding to the world around you and you know how to properly engage your own energetic healing abilities, be sure to also inquire from a knowledgeable healer about how to use your energy without infringing upon other people’s and animal’s rights to not receive healing assistance. There are ways to engage the energy properly while respecting others’ boundaries.

Then, when your energy is flowing freely, you can enjoy peace and wellness while being in balance with your empathic nature.

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    • Constance,

      Thank you for your lovely acknowledgment. It is truly my honor to offer my hand in assistance to so many that do and have suffered. We deserve to be free and happy!

  1. One very simple way to find out if the 'change' in personality, feelings, pain, etc. originated in you at that moment is to place your hands over your solar plexus and observe if the pain, feelings, etc. dissipate. If they do, they belong to someone else…if there is no lessening of the issue it is yours and it's time to get help.

    IF it did originate from someone else, the fact that you attracted it means you have some of the same 'sacred doo doo' ( all is sacred and has served us somehow) in you. May not be with the same intensity. When you have cleared your anger, negativity, etc. you can be aware of other's pain, negativity at a higher level without taking it through your being.

    Other's negative energy can come from the seat you're sitting in, a yard sale special, someone across the room, the city, the country, the planet, the dimensions.

    I continually attracted lost souls and was given that test to see if the pain, etc. was mine or not. Worked well for me and then I learned how to rescue without taking their energy inside me. Could add a lot more, however, I feel that is enough for now.

    Thank you for your sharing with us.

    Love's Spiritual Electrician,
    Reaching into people's hearts to turn their light on!

    • Caroline,

      I'm so glad you shared this with us. My elder taught me to gently touch the arm of the person I was with. If the pain goes away, it is their pain. If the pain remains, she taught that I had the issue, and it was possible that the other person had the same issue. What you share, is of course, a fabulous way to check in without needing the person to be there. I often listen and will receive an answer now, without needing to do anything more, but what you suggest provides a concrete tool I believe will be helpful to many. I look forward to giving it a try too! By the way, for you empaths reading this, it seems Caroline discovered a beautiful way to become aware and assist a lost soul in need before she experienced anything internally. That's fabulous. However, if you are experiencing others' discomfort, don't lose heart or think you are doing something wrong. You aren't. I've discovered that the way empaths process energy are as unique as the individuals themselves. I'll be writing another article about some of the various ways I've discovered empaths can respond before, during and after empathic engagement. Be watching for it. :)

  2. I'm glad you addressed this in more detail, Misa. I really got a lot out of what you said on this in ROAH. The whole thing of shields and so forth never really worked for me. You're so right: if you're an empath, it goes right into your body, so the deal is to keep it flowing through. This now explains why I have friends who use the bubbles and shields and so forth and they really work for them. They've always felt clumsy and awkward to me, besides not working. I believe a lot of what went crooked in my life has to do with shutting all that energy off – or thinking I was. It seems to me that the message I keep getting is basic: energy needs to flow. When it doesn't flow, whatever's holding it suffers.

    • Sunday, it's really great that you are sharing your experience, because I'm sure your not alone. My readings with empaths have taught me that there are a lot of us, that like you, don't do well with shields and bubbles. In fact, personally, I haven't met a really strong empath for whom those conventions do work. (I'm willing to be delightfully surprised, though!) Empathy is compassion. And compassion is one of the greatest healing balms on the planet. If we attempt to shut off our compassion, we may find ourselves, as many of us do, in greater emotional distress and physical pain. It does feel like life becomes crooked. The key is in learning how to be in one's personal flow with compassion, while not personally attaching to the need for pain. When the love and trust is greater than the need to suffer, empathy heals. I heartily agree, a focus on flow shifts the perceptions and allows you to become safe with your natural empathy.

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