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Thyroid Problems and Self-Healing

First lets look at what the thyroid does for you physically, with this excerpt from http://www.emedicinehealth.com/thyroid_problems/article_em.htm

The thyroid gland is located on the front part of the neck below the thyroid cartilage (Adam’s apple). The gland produces thyroid hormones, which regulate body metabolism. Thyroid hormones are important in regulating body energy, the body’s use of other hormones and vitamins, and the growth and maturation of body tissues.

Diseases of the thyroid gland can result in either production of too much (overactive thyroid disease or hyperthyroidism), too little (underactive thyroid disease or hypothyroidism) thyroid hormone, thyroid nodules, and/or goiter. All types of thyroid problems in women are much more common than thyroid problems in men.

If you are curious about potential physical causes, here are a couple of articles that I found interesting, though I highly recommend talking with your doctor and doing some of your own research about this:


I find it fascinating that thyroid problems are more common in women than in men. I didn’t know that when I started writing this article.  If you are an intuitive woman or someone that believes you have some psychic abilities the following insights might be very helpful to you.

Here’s what Louise Hay offers about the metaphysical root of thyroid problems:

Humiliation. “I never get to do what I want to do. When is it going to be my turn?”

Now here is what I heard when I became still and asked about the metaphysical function of the thyroid:

Thyroid is about honoring and acting upon your intuitive impulses. Are you willing to give voice to, and make choices based upon, your intuitive wisdom or what your psychic powers are telling you?

Do you find yourself making choices based upon what you think you should do, rather than what that quiet little voice in the back of your mind is suggesting?

Are you stressed because you have cut off a part of yourself?  Is it possible that you overindulge the machinations of your mind—you know, those endless loops where you try to figure out something that you can’t really figure out?

You don’t have to figure out love, compassion, understanding, or empathy in order to know what a difference these feelings can make in your life. You don’t have to figure them out to know they are important, but what about your intuition? Do you know how important following your intuitive wisdom is for your life and your health?

If you are not recognizing or following the intuitive wisdom coming from your psychic abilities, you are in effect, cutting off a part of yourself.  You are not allowing yourself to do what you truly want to do, as Louise Hay suggests. You may not be allowing yourself to do what is truly in your highest good.

If you are experiencing thyroid dysfunction, you might want to take a look at your relationship to the intuition that flows from your psychic abilities. You might find it helpful to consider ways you could recognize, strengthen and act upon your intuitively guided insights.

A little honoring of your intuitive process just might help you create physical healing for your thyroid more easily. (Keep in mind that not honoring your intuition can also show up in other areas of your body, but if you are having thyroid problems, you might want to explore your relationship to your psychic abilities.) If you would like a little help in recognizing, understanding and acting upon your psychic abilities and intuition, check out my audio course on Psychic Powers and Abilities: Live Intuitively.

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  1. Thank you Misa for an insightful blog on thyroid disease. Its interesting because my thyroid problems started a few years after my mother died. My mum and I used to spend a lot of time exploring our psychic abilities. I stopped this when my mum died, now I have a thyroid problem. I will consider looking at this aspect of myself again. Thank you :)

  2. This article is very timely for me. I was diagnosed with a calcified thyroid a few years ago. Recently, I learned of the connection between weight gain and being a physical intuitive.
    I blocked my intuitive abilities for many years. I am now coming to understand that this resulted in the calcification (hardening) of my thyroid. I also believe the inability to lose weight is both the result of my own blocking of thyroid/intuitive as well as a shield against having to relate to the intuitive side.
    I release the fears that led to this imbalance, and welcome healing into my body.
    Thank you for sharing this information. May you be blessed as you are a blessing.

  3. Perfect timing for me as well. I have a thyroid nodule with calcification and will be having a biopsy next Monday. I have been blocking my “psychic medium” abilities for many years now just because it scared me. Having thyroid cancer scares me more than giving people messages from the beyond. Guess it’s time to change my thinking.
    Much Love,

    • Jennifer, I can understand while you might feel scared. I do hope you’ll take a look at Dr. Dean Shrock’s work. He was the head of Mind, Body Medicine for 40 cancer centers. He shares a startling secret about cancer cells— that they are much weaker than we realize. I’m holding you in my heart for your healing and happiness.

    • Jennifer, sometimes our gifts do scare us. If we haven’t been taught how to use them, we are really stepping into the unknown. Being a medium can be a beautiful gift for others. Not everyone connects like you do. No doubt, there are some lovely people just waiting to experience and benefit from your abilities. I respect your honesty with yourself and please know that I am holding you in my heart for your healing!

  4. I just had a sonogram on my thyroid, there are 6 nodules, one of which is large with blood flow. I am waiting to hear back from the radiologist.
    I have worked hard for ten years and have been saying, okay now it’s my turn to receive a paycheck from this amazing company I have created. Seems to fit with Louise Hay saying ‘when is it my turn?’
    I will embrace her affirmations and hoping everything is benign.

    • Linda,

      I appreciate that feeling of, “When is it my turn?” It used to be like a mantra or prayer for me. I “turned it around” (pun intended) when I chose to be in gratitude throughout the day, noticing what already existed. The concept of turn started drifting away and my energy was free to use my spiritual healing gift to help me actually heal. Do you know your healing gift? When you know your healing gift and choose to use it, you don’t have to “hope” because you will already be putting energy into healing whether or not the nodules are benign. Your energy focus becomes I choose to heal, rather than I hope it isn’t so bad. 😉 Love your website. Wondering what state you are in? Holding you in health and prosperity!

  5. Got my thyroid removed surgically in 2012 because of 2 cold knots and hyperfunction. Had a bad (hell) marriage with a problem drinker for 23 years. Of course I kept my mouth shut all the time, didn’t even tell my mom what’s going on. Got divorced in 2005. Felt “good” and “free” for about a year after the divorce, then all my issues showed up. Anyway, is there a way I can grow my thyroid back, so I can live without the hormone pills?

    • Gerlinde,

      It sounds like your life has been presenting you with lots of opportunities to continue creating a reality of your choosing. It is interesting that you ask about growing your thyroid back. Early in my experiences with Sound Healing I was singing to a woman that visualized a healthy heart. By the way her visualization was a symbolic (not literal) vision of her heart healing. She healed and in fact, grew a new valve to her heart, documented in x-rays. You can be inspired by the story in the second video on this webpage: http://misahopkins.com/sound-healing-audio-course/. My client helped me see that the limits we experience in healing are the ones that we place on ourselves. Is it possible to grow a thyroid? What my client showed me is that we are far more capable of creating our reality than we often realize.

  6. Hey, just curious I was born without a Thyroid gland… I am also wickedly intuitive. so I just want to understand how this aspect relates to spiritual maturity, or lack there of, etc.

    Thank you!

    • You likely have an ectopic thyroid tissue somewhere. Most of the time it locates at the base of tongue. Just during development of embryo thyroid fails to reach a proper position.

      • Ogla, I really appreciate your comment. Frequently in energy healing I’m called to go directly into the embryo for the healing. What is beautiful about realizing we are born with some challenges is realizing that they can be adjusted at any time. :)

  7. Hey! great article, I am just curious if maybe you have come across this before, however I was born without a thyroid gland. I am also very intuitive. To the point of freaking people out. Just wondering if you know of any spiritual implications or effects of not having a thyroid since birth.

    Thank you!

    • Ky, you’ve got me on that one! If you are very intuitive, then it appears that you’ve energetically compensated at least on that level. One way we can choose to kick spiritual gifts into high gear is to limit our engagement in the physical world. For example, my friend who is blind has tremendous inner sight. Actually, I’d be curious to hear what YOU think the spiritual implication might be.

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