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Viruses and Their Metaphysical Meaning

Viruses challenge us. They are hearty, virulent little creatures that seem almost unstoppable. To some of us, they might seem all together unstoppable. Take the common cold. There is no known allopathic cure for the common cold. Once you get it, conventional thinking is that you just need to rest and ride it out.

Some of you might remember the millennium bug. That’s the virus that mysteriously arrived on the scene right before our clocks were going to turn over at midnight 2000.  It was one tenacious virus. I remember half our household (including me) being so sick we all thought we were going to die.

Somehow, I finally found enough energy to use my sound healing to help me and the others in our family recover from its seeming curse. We were finished about one week to two weeks earlier than most people we knew that had contracted the virus. That’s when I discovered that viruses do respond to energy medicine, and that awareness helped me as I began to address auto-immune dysfunction.

Viruses and bacteria have been linked to auto-immune diseases. Here is an article from Science Daily that describes research results from Harvard and MIT that could shed some light on this relationship:

The immune system, the body’s main line of defense against disease, has a critical responsibility to distinguish self-derived proteins from those of invaders like viruses and bacteria. Autoimmune diseases arise when a person’s immune system fails to make that critical distinction and mistakenly attacks a normal tissuehttp://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/06/110602111444.htm

Are you asking yourself why a person’s immune system would fail to make that critical distinction? There are indications that genetics play a potential role in this, so perhaps some of us came in with a genetic predisposition. With that awareness, you might want to ask yourself, “What is the spiritual root or reason that I came in with this predisposition?”

Let’s take this exploration into the metaphysical root of viruses that attack your body, as I understand it from my recent meditation on this topic. Viruses grab hold when we abandon the self.  In other words, they come in and hang out when we are not attending to our bodies’ health or our emotional and mental well-being. We check-out, so-to-speak, by not attending to ourselves, and the viruses check-in.

Viruses are able to gain entry when you are depleting yourself through stress, poor diet, and not enough oxygenation of your cells. You could think of it as creating an internal environment better suited to the viruses than to your health.

The question you might want to ask yourself is, “What causes you to abandon yourself?”

Now consider that abandonment occurs when you feel defeated in some way or are pushing yourself because you don’t feel worthy. You’ve abandoned your ability to create a balanced, happy life, because somewhere deep inside, you don’t believe that is possible.

Very likely, you have good reasons for that belief, and if you want to heal, you need to find compassion for yourself, and the origin of your perceptions, so that unworthiness can finally be put to rest and worthiness will have a place to take root. If you are up for a really radical, it takes tremendous presence of self-awareness and self-love to feel safe in the presence of viruses, and you are going to need to feel worthy of that amount of self-love.

When I created Sound Medicine for viruses, I noticed how the images of loving boundaries kept coming to mind, so much so that I find it best to listen to the CDs before I encounter a virus or when the very first symptoms emerge. More than once I’ve stopped viruses from multiplying inside my body because I strengthened myself immediately, and the same has been true for many people that use my Cold and Flu Protection CDs.

Because our bodies don’t know what to do with viruses naturally, my Sound Medicine teaches the DNA what to do when a virus comes into the body. I was astonished when I asked Spirit for sounds that would continue to be able to address the various, virulent strains of viruses that can mutate and grow stronger—and as I was singing, there I was in the DNA.

I teamed up with my friend and energy healer, Krystalya Marie’ to create a comprehensive energy healing kit to prevent, and if necessary, heal colds and flus.

You can listen to a free interview about our discoveries and how our unique energy medicines strengthen the immune system here: http://endcoldflu.com/

Whatever approach you use, you deserve to feel worthy of a truly happy and joyful life, and that requires lovingly meeting those really uncomfortable invaders, such negative thoughts and feelings. Once met with your deepest love and understanding, those beliefs and their accompanying feelings simply don’t need to hang around any more. That leaves you free to explore what it means to feel worthy, and to create the life and internal environment that feeling worthy can bring.

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  1. Hi there,

    I would like to buy the CD only, not the whole package and couldn’t find my way through to it – that possible? I have a really hard time with your website …

    • Summer,
      If you are referring to the metaphysical meaning, whenever we abandon ourselves in some way, we put ourselves at risk. I have personally found this to be true emotionally, spiritually and physically. But I do encourage you not to take my word for it. You can access the message of the virus in your body. Consider just sitting down with a piece of paper, opening your heart, quieting your mind and ask the virus to tell you what it is there to teach you. You might be surprised at how much insight can show up when you talk to a virus as if it is a person sitting in the room with you. It is a life-force and our minds really do know how to talk to various types of life forms. It just takes an open mind and a little practice. 😉

      If you are referring to the CD, my guidance when I received the sound medicine was that it would help with any virus or bacteria at that time, plus a couple of strains into the future. Sound medicine is most effective when you meditate with it and allow it to stimulate your own healing gifts. Also, sound medicine can stimulate insights, so you might also want to note those quiet thoughts in the back of your mind that arise after listening. Do let me know what results you see.

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