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How Do You Self-Heal From Parkinson’s Disease?

While this article addresses the metaphysical nature of Parkinson’s Disease for self-healing, you might find it helpful to become acquainted with physical causes. Here is a synopsis from the Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/parkinsons-disease/DS00295/DSECTION=causes

What I appreciate about Mayo Clinic is that they explain traditional medical treatment options as well as alternatives. I was intrigued to see that there may be some link to viruses. You can explore more on your own here: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/parkinsons-disease/DS00295

Metaphysically, Parkinson’s stems from a refusal to engage life on life’s terms. It is based in a fear that as we are, we are not enough to meet the challenges that life offers. According to my intuitive guidance, it is rarely cured because the unworthiness behind the disease prevents people from experiencing total healing.

The person experiencing Parkinson’s is longing so much to be in control that they don’t relax enough to see that life has its own flow and rhythm, with much of that flow working for you, naturally. In order to heal, you need to give over to what is seemingly impossible to do—realize that you cannot and don’t need to control the world around you.

I did not read Louise Hay’s book before I did my own meditation. But here is what she says about Parkinson’s Disease: Fear and an intense desire to control everything and everyone. Clearly, we saw this illness almost identically.

Parkinson’s, and if you have it you already know this, is a nervous system disorder. I discuss the metaphysical roots of damaged nerves in this self-healing article, here at Self-Healing Secrets, and you might find that it provides you with some additional insights. Here is an excerpt from that article: From a metaphysical view, nerves can reflect hypertension—in feelings and beliefs—played out through your physical body. Hypertension of this nature can occur when you are taking on more than your fair share. You could be overextending by demanding too much of yourself physically, emotionally or mentally, or all three.

You can read the rest of the article at: http://self-healingsecrets.com/1247/how-do-you-heal-damaged-nerves/

Let’s put all of these together in a picture. If you have experienced life as being unsafe—as a child, from a past life, or from experiences in your adulthood—you might be profoundly motivated to make your world safe by controlling everything that you can. That pressing need to control is too much demand on your emotions and body. That excessive demand becomes manifested in your body as Parkinson’s. The disease is trying to tell you to stop being so hard on yourself and everyone around you. Your expectations are simply too high, though understandably probably rooted in a desire to be safe.

What you probably already know is that you can’t control everything anyway, but the impulse or drive to control is so strong that you don’t know how to quiet it down. That’s an indicator about how unsafe you probably feel.

So how do you develop a greater sense of safety in your world?

Let me suggest something from my book, The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything. Consider spending a significant period of time with Mother Earth. Think about where you go when you want to reconnect with life. Do you think about the ocean, the mountains, the desert, a river, or a garden? Do you need to build a greenhouse so that you can experience the plants all year long? Do you need to take a trip somewhere?

You see, the Mother is a profound healer. You can’t control her. You can only fall in love with her and admire her. As you enjoy her you receive her calming influence.  You reconnect with the healing power of her circadian rhythms and negative ions, which I discuss at greater length in my book. As you rest with her, your body relaxes, your emotions soften, you feel safer and you heal. You discover that you can even rest in her unpredictability. You don’t know from day to day whether she will be windy, sunny, raining, or storming, and yet somehow regardless of her moods, with her you can relax and remember that you are a part of her.

She is like a mother wrapping her arms around you in the scent of the trees recently visited by the rain, singing to you through the surging of the water, hugging you in the warmth of the sunshine, and rocking you to sleep as raindrops fall on the roof. She is the ultimate earthly mother, because she is always there. She has after all been here for millions of human beings for thousands of years.

Each one of us is capable of learning how to love life as it is and then to live in trust of the Divine. When that happens, life reflects that trust and the world reflects a sense of ease. If you have not been able to safely trust in your life, you might consider beginning a relationship in trust with Mother Earth.

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    • Sheryl,

      Mother Earth is truly an ultimate healer. She provides such safe sanctuary—a place in which to remember that all is well. And we know to go there even when we are children. I'm so glad you are reminding us about that. It's good to carry that natural wisdom we had as children into our adulthood challenges too.

  1. Great insights Misa, I very much enjoyed reading it. I'm working with a client now to reduce the symptoms of Parkinsons, I am recording a hypnosis CD for her, and I will let you know how it goes! Thank you so much for your inspiration!

    • Holly, I'm so glad to know you are a recording a hypnosis CD and I expect there are other visitors to this site that will be glad to know that kind of aid could be available to them too! And I know how good you are at it. Please do let me (us) know how your client progresses. Those beautiful, deep trance spaces are so perfect for helping us open to full and complete healing!

    • Holly, I am very much interested to know how the hypnosis CD worked for your client. My wife was diagnosed in 1999 and recently her illness has taken a turn for the worse. I know that she is better when she can relax or when she is laughing at a funny movie. If you have finished the CD would it be possible to get a copy? I have suggested to her that she should try hypnosis and she seemed to be open to the idea.

  2. Amazing–today have been grieving an emotional loss, a friend diagnosed last year with Parkinson's. His insistence on trying to control everyone and everything around him is "legendary" and he may be the most isolated person I've ever met because who will put up with that for long?I am no longer part of his life, so will not be able to share this–and it isn't likely he would consider letting go control of one molecule. Not for a minute. Sometimes knowledge isn't power, but it is still better to know, and I will take this to heart myself. I am still surrounded by over-controlling people to a lesser degree–perhaps my example can benefit them to some extent. Thank you, Misa!

    • Violet,

      I can only imagine how much pain he must have experienced to cause him to be so controlling. How lovely that you are willing to be for yourself a balanced space so that others have the opportunity to experience balance through you. Holding balance for ourselves, knowing that it can benefit others is truly a beautiful gift for everyone!

  3. I am also very interested in the hypnosis CD. Is it available?
    My husband is suffering from Parkinson but he is not outwardly
    controlling. He does have fear I believe in not having control
    over things. I also wonder if the death of a favorite nephew in
    an accidental death has something to do with my husband
    developing the dis-ease. His symptons started within 6 months
    of his death.

  4. Hi,
    thanks for sharing the interesting viewpoints.
    However.. do you remember a single (or more) cases of pd,
    where your spiritual and psychological insights were
    leading actually to a practical Recovery from pd?
    Or is this article just a kind of theoretical and philosophical discourse?
    I would be very happy to get a response from anyone
    to this quest-ion, like
    “Yes, I know first hand, I saw it with my own eyes,
    that so and so many people got healed from pd
    through that approach.”
    I hope my quest-ion is not to naive.
    Thanks and perfect health to all of you!


    • Rain,

      You ask a really great question. I meditate for metaphysical insights about the various conditions I write about on my blog. In my experience, most (if not all) illnesses have a metaphysical root. Understanding the root helps us know where to begin paying attention to the beliefs, emotions, and needs beneath the illness. Although I cannot say I have met someone with Parkinson’s directly using this perspective, in my experience exploring the metaphysical roots (this perspective or your own) supports whatever condition you are healing. Let me know what you experience!

  5. Hi all, very interesting reading your posts. I was diagnosed with P.D. 3 years ago, but have shown systems for about 10 years. Straight away I went to the metaphysical cause and could only somewhat relate.
    I have been on medication since diagnosis with very little results, and many side affects.
    I had an unsafe childhood, followed by an unsafe marriage, both of which I have tried healing from, but it only been recently my true controlling nature has been revealed to me. I used to think my actions were out of love, but I can now see it as controlling and not letting others take responsibility for their own choices. I always felt I had to make things right, to the point that my body said enough!
    At point in time I am considering switching completely to alternative therapies while I still have the energy to balance the unbalances.
    I found your blog very interesting, it fits well with my belief system. I would like to read the article about repairing nerve damage, (but link not working for me). Also interested in the hypno cd.
    I wish you all well, as I do for myself.
    Thank you

  6. I thank you for your words. They resonate with me and help me feel that I am on the right road. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s almost 3 years ago and am still only in my early 50s. I was so afraid that I would spiral down to a life of immobility. I couldn’t walk — primarily because of my fear I am sure — but I tried to force myself to learn again. My gait was that of jointed doll whose jerky movements were controlled by a puppet master. I decided at that moment that I was in charge of my own body and I was responsible for my own health. I have tried so many things to optimise my health – through diet, meditation, exercise. What I have discovered is that when I can “get into the groove” – whether through playing music or dancing or listening to the ocean – I enter the rhythm of the earth and I am free. I can walk again. I swing my arms and rejoice in my freedom. I know I can heal myself. I feel the power of the infinite touch me and know it is within myself to be able to access it.

    As an aside, I should just add that my very illustrious Parkinson’s doctor has told me on my last 2 visits that “you are improving. Not just reaching a plateau, but actually improving”. I am not a scholar of religion but I am reminded that Jesus told every person who was miraculously healed “it is your faith that healed you”. We have the power to heal ourselves.

    The road is not a straight line. But it goes up more than it goes down. The union of mind, body and spirit comes so rarely but the circle of wholeness when it does come strengthens my very nerve endings. We can heal.

    • Wanda, I’m so glad you have shared your story. There is something truly wonderful that happens the minute we decide, as you did, that we are in charge of our own bodies. I love that you know the sounds and movement are the conduit for you to feel connected to the earth, the infinite and your freedom! Like you, like Jesus, I too have come to believe that it is our faith that heals us. The healer amplifies the faith that is already there. I honor your progress and that you have embraced the journey of healing – step by step discovering who you really are and your beautiful freedom!

    • dear wanda
      i read your post with great emotion
      i also am in early fifties and diagnosed last year
      so far i am not taking medication n notice my condition fluctuates depending on my anxiety n fear
      lately i have experienced great fatigue n often feel very alone
      i am also a musician n songwriter n feel best when i play my music
      would love to exchange emails with you to share our journey towards recovery
      much love and many thanks again

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