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How Do You Self-Heal Damaged Nerves?

Nerve damage can be healed. Nerves become damaged for a variety of reasons. This article at WebMD suggests some ways in which nerve damage occurs. http://www.webmd.com/brain/nerve-pain-and-nerve-damage-symptoms-and-causes.

When I was healing from MS, I could feel my nerves shifting.  I now understand that the myelan sheath (insulation) around some of my nerves may have been deteriorating, as explained in this article at medicinenet. http://www.medicinenet.com/multiple_sclerosis/article.htm#2. Although I approached my MS with energy healing rather than using physical remedies, you might want to consider some physical treatments. Here is an article discussing options for nerve damage and spinal chord injuries: http://healingresearch.net/2010/11/20-natural-ways-to-heal-nerve-damage-and-spinal-cord-injuries/. And here is another article discussing options for neuropathy (or nerve damage) and the use of supplements: http://www.mcvitamins.com/neuropathy.htm

While I was self-healing, I was aware that I was learning to relax my nerves and call my body into balance as part of the healing process. My therapy of choice was sound healing. You might prefer other approaches, but you are probably going to discover that nerves typically need calm in order to heal.

From a metaphysical view, nerves can reflect hypertension—in feelings and beliefs—played out through your physical body. Hypertension of this nature can occur when you are taking on more than your fair share. You could be overextending by demanding too much of yourself physically, emotionally or mentally, or all three.

If you are running around from early morning until late at night, every day of the week (or nearly every day), you might want to consider whether you have an unreasonable expectation of your physical stamina. You may be stressing your body, attempting to make sure everything gets done, all the while depriving your body of much needed rest.

For example, if you find yourself becoming angry regularly, you are experiencing tremendous stress that could result in an overtaxed nervous system. Whether you express that anger or internalize it, you are holding a belief that you or someone you know needs to meet an expectation. You may find it helpful to evaluate your expectations to see if they are unreasonable for your current circumstances. You might want to consider relaxing your standards and discovering the wonders of the unexpected.

You could be living a relatively inactive life and still be stressing your nerves. How does that happen? That occurs when you hold a belief that you are not good enough because you are not living up to an internal expectation you have of yourself. So a part of you is trying to drive you forward, whether or not you are physically, emotionally or spiritually up to fulfilling the expectation.

Louise Hay sees nerves as related to communication. This makes sense if you are driving yourself forward with tension and not listening to the deeper needs beneath your pain. When your true needs are being over-ridden by your expectations, your internal communication is compromised.

With my MS, I discovered that my silent expectation of myself was so unreasonable it wasn’t going to be fulfilled. I was embarrassed when I finally admitted what was driving me, because I knew it wasn’t achievable. My spiritual self didn’t want to admit I actually believed it, but my body needed me to be honest with myself. What was the belief? Deep inside, I saw my role in “saving the world” to be more than that of anyone else.

This was an inner longing to save myself and a longing to be special. When I finally admitted (communicated honestly with myself) that this was the agenda behind my MS, I was able to reframe the belief. I “saved myself” by acknowledging how special I truly was, and then looked around me to notice the special qualities of everyone I knew. Once I honored my need to be special, the belief simply no longer needed to exist, and I no longer felt driven.

I discuss the power of subconscious needs, such as this in my book, The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything. http://misahopkins.com/bookstore/. You can try a variety of methods, but until you honor the subconscious need driving your illness and meet that need in healthier ways, your body will continue to remain ill as an attempt to meet the profound underlying need.

Nerves are traditionally slow healers, as explained by Dr. Nathan Wei in this article: http://www.arthritis-treatment-and-relief.com/healing-a-pinched-nerve.html. So remember to be patient as you attend to your nerves and the underlying cause of your discomfort. By the way, Dr. Wei discusses pinched nerves in this article. Notice that he recommends rest as one of the best ways to address this condition. (Personally, I find some gentle yoga stretches to be very helpful for keeping my sciatic nerve in its proper place; however, even those stretches are restful and easy.)

Nerves coordinate the impulses between the mind and body. If your feelings and beliefs are by their nature inducing a state of hypertension, then your nerves are going to reflect that heightened state. Clearly, relaxing will help you. And understanding the beliefs and feelings that are at the source of your tension, and meeting those needs in new ways, will help you be able to experience a greater state of true relaxation so that your nerves can actually self-heal.

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  1. Whomever wrote this, I just bounced onto this site and I was diagnosed with MS. I want to mention to you if you happen to read this – that in fact I am mercury poisoned and I'm slowly healing from it. Mercury does affect your mind and body. Yes, learning how to relax is good but also since you have an MS diagnosis, to find out if you are mercury toxic and then you can chelate to get better.

    • Elizabeth,

      I truly appreciate what you have shared and indeed learning about the physical causes of an illness and treating them directly are significant to healing. I'm so glad you mentioned the mercury poisoning.What I have discovered in my process of healing is that what can make one person susceptible to chronic illness and disease, while another person is not as susceptible can be what is happening emotionally and mentally. In the case of MS, my intuitive insight is that demanding and expecting too much of yourself puts stress on your body that results in greater susceptibility and slower healing. So while clearing out the mercury is a perfect response for physical healing, we can also support ourselves mentally and emotionally by being a lot kinder and gentler to ourselves.

  2. thank you so much for the clarity in this article. The doctor prescribed pain killers for a long standing problem – I have been to the spiritual healers. Everything here – especially the driving expectations as root cause nerve overload – makes perfect sense of a state of foggy non well being

    • Tessa,

      I'm glad to know you found clarity that is helpful for you. Isn't it wonderful to know that we can actually help our cells in their healing by becoming aware of the unconscious agendas going on inside of us. We can rest our inner standards around achievement and allow life's gift to reveal themselves to us. In that state of allowing, our nerves can (and in my experience, do) heal. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for this insightful article. While I do not have a serious disease, I finally got to see a neurologist yesterday and he did the electronic nerve test — and said that yes, I have nerve damage. It will heal. Intuitively, I knew that I had to slow down; I tend to take on a LOT of various projects and am often juggling multiple balls and priorities.

    Just the past couple of weeks, I started being much more meticulous with my self-care, including daily gentle yoga and meditation. I am also paying closer attention to what I eat and taking my nutritional supplements.

    But this outlook on the what is underneath was truly helpful. It is all connected to our mind and emotions — and really getting in there to take a look is key.

    • Sandi, I too find it helpful to consider the metaphysical causes while tending to my physical needs. Wonderful to hear that, so quickly, you are adjusting your life style to lovingly tend to your care. Very inspiring!

      • My mother has just recovered from a compression fracture but her d7 of the spinal cord yet hurts I’ve tried asking many doctors and they say it’s a nerve compression. Her pain is so much that she is mentally traumatized what should be done in such a situation?

        • First of all, Najeebah, I am so sorry to hear that your mother is suffering. I know how difficult it is for the person in pain and the loved ones that are supporting. We tend to view conditions like this as hopeless and without cures. But the body is more malleable than we realize. Your mother most be holding a great deal of tension in her back. You might want to begin by considering this article I wrote about the metaphysical meaning of neck and back pain. http://self-healingsecrets.com/1486/metaphysical-meaning-behind-back-and-neck-pain/. In her case, the focus probably needs to be on the spine itself. I’m holding you both in my heart!

  4. Hi Misa

    I believe that I’m mercury poisoned. I’ve had CFS for the last five years and have tried many treatments which help but nothing has made a real difference. I sense that the kinder I am to myself (something I find hard), the more this will open things up to physical healing. Could it be that if I accept who am (and address those negative, unconscious patterns) then perhaps the treatments will begin to work?

    I particularly suffer with constipation so am unable to detox which is really frustrating. Any suggestions.


    • Hello Alison,

      Perhaps there is wisdom in following your own sense of what is right for you. My own experience has been that as I tend to my emotions and spiritual body, the insights that allow my physical body come forward. As I become more compassionate, my resistance within me softens and result is healing. And my own innate spiritual gift through sound medicine emerged. Many people discover they have spiritual and natural gifts for healing once a greater trust is developed. It is quite a revelation to realize that the spirit within you is often the one that beats the odds and finds answers, particularly with conditions for which we don’t have known cures. You might enjoy some of the interviews with other women that have also discovered healing through the inner journey at http://misahopkins.com/community. You are embarking on a powerful journey of self-awareness. Compassion is the great healer. :)

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