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Cell Regeneration

cell regeneration

Cell regeneration and the mind- body-spirit

If you have ever wondered if cells in your body can actually regenerate, they can. That might be very difficult to believe if you have a chronic condition or if you have been told there is no cure. But there is evidence that cells can and do regenerate.

If you would like to see some science around this, take a look at this 2008 video report by CBS. The researcher in this video talks about the knowledge within our own cells, that when directed to do so, knows to re-grow. Using what scientists in regenerative medicine called extra cellular matrix (taken from pig bladder) that has an ability to direct the cells, the researchers at Pittsburgh McGowan Institute are literally growing new tissue for various parts of the body. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m129fV_h9pk

If you look at the comments below the video, you can see that some people are afraid that this is unnatural and against God. But in my own experience with energy medicine, regeneration is our birth-right. My own personal experience corroborates what the researchers are discovering through scientific study. Our cells already have the capability to regenerate themselves. The only thing stopping them from doing so is belief.

My own experience with cell regeneration

Some years ago one of my fallopian tubes was collapsed. After seeing my doctor, I decided to use my own sound medicine to rehabilitate the fallopian tube. I began a rigorous healing schedule, which included sound medicine and holding my fallopian tube in great compassion. While regenerating the tissue with sound, I made sure any underlying cause for its initial collapse was addressed with loving compassion.

One month later, I visited my doctor again. The fallopian tube was healed and whole again.

Some of you have heard the story about my buddy Kev, who was in a motorcycle accident that tore up his knee. Even though he was told he would never walk again, he regenerated his knee using visualization and physical therapy.

The mind-body-spirit has been designed for rejuvenation!

Are you wondering, “What about me? Can my cells regenerate too?”

How powerful are our cells when it comes to regeneration? Consider this information provided by the Stanford School of Medicine, Cell regeneration research at Stanford University:

Every one of us completely regenerates our own skin every 7 days. A cut heals itself and disappears in a week or two. Every single cell in our skeleton is replaced every 7 years. We are all regenerating all the time.

The future of medicine lies in understanding how the body creates itself out of a single cell and the mechanisms by which it renews itself throughout life, and we are part of that future—right now—as we discover our innate ability to heal.

(For those that are concerned about the embryonic stem cell research that is being done to help scientists better understand our ability to regenerate, keep in mind that there are multiple types of stem cell research being done.  Research can also involve: mature tissue or organ stem cells, cancer stem cells and the study of new stem cell lines. And this is only one area of rapid cellular growth options being investigated.)

Instructing your cells to regenerate—Empowering your mind-body-spirit

While scientists are actively searching for stimuli that will instruct the cells to regenerate, I’ve discovered that the mind can do the same thing. If you have my book, The Root of All Healing, I recommend you read the story about my client that grew a new valve to her heart with her own visualization and my sound medicine to support her. http://misahopkins.com/therootofallhealing/

If you are like me and want personal evidence, you are going to need to encourage your cells to do what they know how to do. To get real results, you are going to need to address any doubts and fears that would limit your body’s capacity to regenerate.

You might want to get acquainted with the Holding Meditation that I share with you from time to time here at this website. This is one of the simplest, most powerful methods I know for addressing fears and meeting them with the kind of compassion that allows doubts to rest and helps you get in touch with your own creative life-force energy: http://sacredfeminineawakening.com.

When you start to feel that sense of hopelessness, just remember that your mind-body-spirit knows what to do. Your cells know how to regenerate. You don’t personally have to have every detail figured out. What your mind-body-spirit needs from you for cell regeneration are clear instructions and trust in their natural wisdom and ability to repair.

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  1. I'm with you on regeneration of our cells… Why not………. If a lobster can grow a new claw why can't we grow a new hand ..As you said, it's only our belief that stops us….Jim McMullan

    • Jim,

      Knowing my client grew a new valve to her heart, certainly opened me up past my perceived limits about the body. The body is a magnificent design and I look forward to the day that within our collective consciousness we accept a new paradigm and grow for ourselves the new parts that we need!

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